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- 15 years work experience as an RECE
- 4 Years of music training in Early Childhood Education at The Royal Conservatory of Music & Ryerson University 
- Advanced certification in Early Childhood Music Education 
- 6 years experience teaching music to children 1-12 years old
-15 years experience singing/songwriting 

*VCRC available upon request*

About music Ashley


My name is Ashley Braga and I’m a Registered Early Childhood Educator as well as a certified Early Childhood Music Educator. I’ve had the pleasure of working with children from Infant through school-age for over 15 years and enjoyed every minute of it. Over the past 5 years I have been very fortunate to combine my love for music and songwriting with my passion for children and education.

At a very young age I was exposed to all types of music as my parents were true believers in the powerful impact music has in one's life. I quickly discovered my love for singing and soon after learned how to play the piano by ear. With the encouragement of my parents and music teachers I began songwriting at the age of 7. As part of my musical journey I began experimenting with different instruments and fell in love with the guitar and ukulele. Since then, I’ve written over 100 songs, recorded a music video and released two singles on iTunes.

In 2011 I studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music and earned my certification in Early Childhood Music Education. I strongly believe in music's ability to bring people together and find no greater joy then making music with children.

I offer a unique music program for children ranging from ages 1-12 years old

with influences of ORFF, Dalcroze and Kodaly. 

Each music lesson is organized by age and includes singing/movement games,

 storytelling, instrument exploration and a listening component. 

Music contributes to the development of language, reading, listening, 

speech, mathematics skills and overall academic achievement.

What are the children learning?
Each lesson fosters the exploration of sounds and allows children the freedom

to create their own music with their voice, body and carefully chosen instruments.

Children will learn basic music concepts such as duration,

tempo, meter, timbre and dynamics all in a fun and playful manner. 

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