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Let's Make An Album!
          school-agers 6-12

This program allows children ages 6-12 to experiment with the latest music software where

they can play and explore with different sounds!

   Also Includes:

  • An overview on the basics of music is provided in order to establish a strong foundation for music making 

  • Songwriting- Children are encouraged to write and create original poems and music

  • Opportunities to record original music/cover songs that are considered age appropriate 

  • One on one attention is given to children who wish discover their singing voice

  • Each child will have an opportunity to work on individual projects and or choose to work in groups

  • Proper breathing and singing techniques are given 

  • Opportunities to learn the ukulele and percussion instruments

  • Instruments, music software and recording equipment is provided with each visit

  • Notebooks are provided for children to write their thoughts, musical goals, lyrics, stories and poetry

  • A CD is given to the room and a MP3 can also be sent to the centre as a keepsake

Availability 2022. Please email Ashley to be placed on the wait list.
Awesome Rocket Dub Step - 5 Talented Boys
Awesome Rocket Dub Step - 5 Talented Boys

Have a listen!

The Lonely Bird - Chloe & Sofia

For information on fees, bookings, or any other questions about this program, please contact Ashley through email below!

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