Virtual Music Classes with Ashley

What can my child expect during their session?

All lessons are categoriezed into 3 different age groups. 

Toddler/Preschool, Kindergarten/Schoolage. 

All group music sessions are 30min long and will follow the same format your child receives at their centre. This may include, singing, dancing, rhymes, rhythmic exercises, puppet show etc...   


Children 6-12 years old will participate in a songwriting session. 

What materials does my child need?

For younger children please provide them with a percussion instrument. This may include shakers,

a pot with wooden spoons, two wooden spoons played together, macaroni in tupperware

For older children (6-12) please provide them with a pencil and paper and a percussion instrument.

How do we get connected?

Please download the app "ZOOM" and set up an account. Zoom is a free app and allows up to 100 face to face calls at once. Once the application below is filled out you will receive further instruction on how to get connected. In the meanwhile, please get familiar with Zoom by testing it out with a family member or friend :)

Fee's and other information 

30 minutes session=$15

Families with children of different age groups (Ex: 2, 4 and 6) receive a $5 discount.

Once we've confirmed a date and time, payment can be made through e-transer to

Until we know more information regarding school closures, this program will run for as long as there's a need.

Please fill the application below :)

Please choose a time and day of the week that works for you

Your child will have a greater chance of being placed in a lesson with their peers if you choose more then two options.

Please indicate how many sessions you would like to sign up for per week/child.

Thank you for submitting! Please expect a response within 24 hours