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Little stories, BIG impact!


Listen while Marcus and Ashley share stories and songs, that will knock your socks off! These original stories are jam-packed with catchy tunes, life lessons and positive messages. Ashley, is an Early Childhood Music Educator and songwriter, dedicated to providing quality music and stories, that encourage kindness, inclusion, cooperation and imagination.


Tune in every first Monday of the month, for a new Episode!


A podcast for children Ages 2-10 years old.

Little Big Stories
Episode 1-My Favourite Red Ball


Listen as Marcus tells his story about losing his favourite red ball. I wonder what his friend Mabel will do to cheer him up!

Little Big Stories
Mini Moments with Marcus #1


Marcus talks to our good friend Jack about our next episode. Jack will be one of the voices in our story titled "Ladder to the Moon". 

Tune in March 2nd for a new episode!

Little Big Stories
Episode 2: Ladder to the Moon


Nora and Jack visit the moon in their dreams. Find out how they get there and what their new friend Marty and Martian teaches us about space!

Email us your drawing of Marty and have it featured on our Mini Moments with Marcus episode. 

Little Big Stories
Presents: The Silly Sock quartet


Hi Friends, it's me Marcus! I'm in the mood for dancing, are you? Let's give our brain a break and our bodies and shake!

Little Big Stories
Episode 3: Bored, bored, bored!

Marcus is bored, bored, bored! Listen as Marcus tells us his story of the time he stayed home from school. Mabel helps Marcus come up with fun activities to do at home.

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