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ladder to the Moon
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Graphic Designer: Katherine Braga

Have A Listen

Ladder to the Moon - Ashley Braga
Hello Everybody - Ashley Braga
5 Blue Pigeons - Ashley Braga
Land of the Silver Birch - Ashley Braga and Markus Weintz-Lawford
I love you and Goodnight - Ashley Braga

From me to you

My very first album, Ladder to the Moon is now for sale! This children's album means so much to me, as it's been something I've been working on for a long time. My goal for this album was to provide music that could be enjoyed by all. With a variety of music from well known traditional tunes, to brand new never heard before original songs, written by yours truly. 

 For all the children out there, some of which I had the privilege of teaching and some I’ve never met before, the song Ladder to the Moon is dedicated to you. I believe in your potential, reach for the stars no matter how hard the climb!

Thank you for your support of this album. The community of Educators, families and children I get to be around everyday, fills my heart with joy.


Music Ashley

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Neel Modi
Neel in studio.jpg


Arrangements, mixing and mastering


Five Little Monkeys

Male Vocalist


All songs

Piano, keyboards, bass (except Banana-nana) and percussion

Markus Weintz-Lawford
Markus and I.jpg

Land of the Silver Birch  



Tom Kuczynski

Bass Player

Bass Player

Zoë Braga



Visual Artist

Album Artwork

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CD: $20.00

Shipping Cost: $2.50 
Total: $22.50
(Tax included)

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